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The belief that one is a rock star or God-like creature when in fact the individual is a burned out junkie addicted to strippers and cocaine.
Have you seen Christina Aguilera lately, she is Charlie Sheen'n like a mother f#cker.
by jgmoney March 02, 2011
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CharlieSheen'n (char-lee-she-nin)
v. CharlieSheen'n (char-lee-she-nin), to charliesheen someone, charliesheened, charliesheens
urban verb for the more proper "CharlieSheening"
v. action of the man who is Charlie Sheen

CharlieSheen'n is an action of character representing a high level of smack talk ability that usually only comes as a side affect from bangin' seven gram rocks. CharlieSheen'n is usually referred to as something someone is doing to you (Why you CharlieSheen'n me?) but can also act as a means of boasting (I'm CharlieSheen'n you.) This can include the following but is not limited to
1. attacking someone publicly with humor on national TV; to front on them; to bring humility to them while unbeknownst to you - you are embarrassing yourself as well
2. acting as if your world is not tumbling in around you
3. living with two random girls you call goddesses but are no where close to being goddesses

4. beating someone in a race to grow your new twitter account followers
5. acting as if you are holding it together, when it is apparent you are not
6.making someone fire you
7.doing anything as bad or worse than telling your dad off on national TV
8. having Adonis DNA or TigersBlood
"I know you might fire me, but I'm CharlieSheen'n you right now."


As Oprah said after having her twitter record broken "Man, Charlie Sheen is CharlieSheen'n me right now."

Your boss who has to let you go may say, "Why are you CharlieSheen'n me?"

as Nancy Grace said "He did interviews with everyone but turned me down. He's CharlieSheen'n me bad."
by mattofact1 March 08, 2011
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