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The offspring and by product of a clone hybriding of Chuck Norris and Charlie Sheen. Where by only the X chromosomes were extracted from each one and combined to create the utlimate most Godlike femme in the history of the universe. Charlie Norrises posses eye popping powers of seduction that surpass anything the world has ever known.

Charlie Norris has the body of a thoroughbred mare.

Charlie Norris is the substance of boy's wet dreams and old men's fantasies.
When Charlie Norris came out of her artificial placenta a thousand grown men simultaneously wept, sprouted wings, and began fornicating (like that hot scene in the movie beowulf).
Charlie Norris's first words were to Jesus and those words were: "I taste fire."

Charlie Norris can go down a waterslide at a water park and not get wet.

Charlie Norris's cleavage can talk her out of a nudity ticket.

Charlie Norris gets free stuff with her smile.

Charlie Norris gets presents for your birthdays.

Charlie Norris doesn't drive she has a chauffeur for that.

When you look up vixen in the dictionary you see a picture of Charlie Norris.
Isabella: Why can't I a be total bombshell.
Me: You're not Charlie Norris. 'Nuff said.
by Anasthma June 24, 2011
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