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To lose all effectiveness of your chapstick only moments after application. A chap-jacking usually occurs when an individual is approached by another shortly after applying their chapstick.

A few effective methods of conducting a chap-jacking as followed:

- The Quick-Turn - an individual applies their chapstick and finds themselves flung around in a fury by another who then, almost instantly, uses their lips to rapidly mooch off of the victim's chap rub-off.
- The Table-Jumper - after applying chapstick, an individual may find another, originally sitting directly across from them, to now be all-up-in-yo-face. And your chapstick has been scavenged by your unsuspected neighbor.

Various methods of approach have been witnessed, but the given two are how you might find yourself being chap-jacked.

A chap-jacking results in complete loss of applied chapstick. There is no hope in retaliation to such an attack as the suspect will almost always be found to be lost in a storm of arousal. By the time you find that your stolen chapstick has seeped entirely into the suspect's lips, you could have been far away, enough to almost consider yourself safe from a rebound attack.

You should know immediately that you've come across a chap-jacker when your eyes almost fatefully meet with those of another individual whose lips seem to be crusting, peeling, and bleeding.
As Czarina Yanina prepared for her departure, she innocently applied her Blistex chapstick. As she realized what she has done, her Kniaz Collin has swept her in his arms in what she believed to be a romantic grasp. She was left cold on the curb as her chapstick had been jacked. The echoes rang, "...chap-jacked...".
by ChapAJapJap February 27, 2011
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