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a person living off of other people, by either stealing from them or using them. When a person is chanizing another person, they usually pick someone that they know they can get over on. They will come around more and more until they eventually just never leave. Chanizing people will be real nice and cool in the beginning but then start to get over on you without you even realizing it. Before you know it, you'll be left broke with nothing because you were chanized by someone shady. The people who do the chanizing will steal from you, talk bad about you, tell people lies about you to make themselves look like the victim. Chanizing people cant make it on their own so they have to chanize people who they can live off of.
"damn, that girl is chanizing as hell. I lost everything because of her"

"She tried to chanize me, but I out smarter her, she just doesn't know yet"
by Mike'n'Auge July 17, 2016
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