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The art of ripping off or to con someone in a transaction for good(s) / product(s). Often used to describe products or goods originating from the far east;( i.e China.) The goods either arrive not as described and often in poor or inferior condition advertised and the buyer is left with little choice of action in these situation.

This also can be used to describe a situation where one if mislead in a virtual sense by intentionally being misinformed and lied too.
Originating as a slang from the North East, specifically the south Boston area. It has spread to be known to describe instances when someone has been swindled out of their money and left to reap the consequence of their choice.
"Dude, those intercoolers you got are beat af, you totally got changhaied in that deal."

"Richard bought this sweet Audi s4 off eBay, but when it arrived with no engine or transmission he knew he got changhaied and is sol."

"When Martin was given a phone number from the cute girl at the club, he never would if thought she changhai him with a false number."
by ricky_sanchez August 08, 2016
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