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Refers to the bowel movement that starts off with a small solid piece of shit, (the cork) and is then followed with an explosion of liquid - or "foam". This is a condition most often associated with the morning after a serious night of drinking.
"All that draft and nachos last night gave me a severe case of Champagne Ass this morning!"
by Nick & Mo August 05, 2003
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When one person takes a bottle of fizz, somewhat like Chappledown or Veuve Cliquotand fizz that bottle right up and insert into the ass of a willing woman and watch that spray come right out of her ass all over the new bear rug and get the cleaner to suck it up or into the open mouth of a filthy willing participant
Oh my god! I got Champagne ass fucked in the ass! I sprayed all over the new bear rug! He asked me if I liked Bum-Perignon, I replied, of course I'm a lady, even after squirting all over great grandma's antique silver mustard pot with a tiny spoon! Daddy was not impressed.
by Champagne Ass August 26, 2018
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