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A Legendary Punjabi singer from India. His full name is Amar Singh Chamkila. He was born on July 21,1961 and was shot on March 8, 1988. Amarjot Kaur, his controversial partner, was also shot along with all the instrument players. Many compare him to Tupac, as tupac was a legend who was shot because of hate. All Punjabi teens proud of their culture play songs of Chamkila in their cars. Many of his famous songs are Pehle lalkaare naal, Kan kar gal sun and Lak Mera Kach Warga.
Person 1: Yaar aa Chamkila kon a? (dawg, who is chamkila)
Person 2: Panchoda punjabi ho kay poch reyan Chamkila kon a? -(Mother(sister)fucker your a punjabi and your askin who chamkila is????!!)
by Prince Singh May 26, 2008
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