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Over-engineered drug that is barely functional but is released to the trade anyway. Side effects include raw buttocks, depression, lack of sleep, anxiety, sore feet, knees, and/or gastrointestinal discomfort. Actual results about 45%, but was advertised to deliver 75%+. Named chameleon because of its flexibility, but in actuality, it's as nimble as a battleship in a swimming pool. Effective in treatment only if the one mythical creature who designed it is available for 24/7 technical support. No one has actually seen this being, rumors circulate about it being a unicorn. Some believe chameleon line becomes more effective when users call the hotline to report their symptoms 2 to 12 times per day. Hotline help agents inform patients that they the reason they see no improvement is because they have no urgency to get better.
"Timmy, you've responded well to our conventional treatment, so now I'm going to put you on Chameleon Line."

-Timmy hung his head, knew he was screwed...
by El whisperer February 12, 2013
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