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When you see a girl named Chaiyapa, there’s no time to waste!! Chaiyapa is a type of girl that laughs at almost everything, she has a loving heart and tries to not be shy to talk to her boyfriend. Chaiyapa is cute, funny, attractive and also amazing when it comes to sex! Chaiyapa loves her boyfriend so much she can’t stay away from him. Whoever dates Chaiyapa is in for a ride. Chaiyapa has a hard time keeping secrets from her friends and there’s only certain people she can trust. Chaiyapa loves gifts! Chaiyapa can Be annoying at time to time but she’s too cute to be annoyed at. Chaiyapa deserves love and care. Chaiyapa expects her boyfriend to keep her safe and to make her feel happy. Trust me if you’re a guy, you need to find this girl.
Guy 1 : Chaiyapa is so danm cute!!! But I’m too afraid to talk to her :(

Guy 2 : Grow some balls and make your dream come true.
by BigMummaJoe May 16, 2018
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