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Part Of Speech: Verb

This sound is almost Identical to a real fart. A Chairfart happens when a chair squeaks or moves which in turn creates a farting noise. A Chairfart usually happens in a quiet room with lots of people (i.e. School, Church, Meeting room, etc.). The cover up for a Chairfart usually fails, because when you try and show someone that it was the chair making the noise, the chair refuses to make the noise again.

Jim: Dude did you just fart?

Joe: No man, it was the chair squeaking. See look.
*proceeds to make the chair squeak again, but it doesn't*

Jim: No dude, it was totally you.

Joe: No dude I swear it was the chair farting

Jim: Ya ok. Whatever.
by huntrguy May 28, 2009
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When the chair you are sitting on makes a noise resembling the sound of a fart, especially in leather car seats or swiveling chairs. This is very annoying 100% of the time.
Girl: "Eww what was that!?"
Guy: "Relax, just a chair fart."
by Anonish November 02, 2010
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When one sits down in an awkward position so that he/she compresses the air between him/her and the chair, resulting in a flatulent sound.
John: Dude did you just fart?

Mike: What?! No, that was just a chair fart!

John: Then what's that smell?
by mohenjodarocatalhuyuk September 11, 2013
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