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Types of Sociobots

Sociobots being created (break them, burnt them down, put them into the mold, yay!) and maintained by other sociobots is a pattern going on for ages.

The most typical/pure "sociobots" usually come from families/houses/societies which put priority on image, presentation, reputation, social views over happiness, actual success, physical AND mental health and living(A family of sociobots, well duh).

These sociobots are never necessarily followers and usually on the top of the food chain. They manipulate other people using fear, judgement, discrimination, bullying and an unstable and note-FAKE sense of security, acceptance, belonging, adoration, etc and their own confidence, to turn them into sociobots too.

These resultant sociobots are usually from ignorant, not present, low attention families or from healthier ones/'families that try to be healthy' but the desire for a different life gets the better of them and they become... sociobots, yup.

You may have noticed three levels- yes, it is a ongoing chain at the end of the day but there are three distinctions

Ruling, Spreading and Conceding/Resorting

R, S and CR

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Types of Sociobots, explained-

Look at the world, its like that theory right- Vampires can't exist. A vampire will need to eat one human a week, which will create two vampires at the end of the week(month in that theory). The two will feed on two humans ext week, creating four vampires. SO on, in 33 weeks(231 days) there would be 8589934592 vampires, which is the more than the worlds population. Which means, even considering staking and vampire wars, there would be no humans left.

Therefore, considering sociobots change A LOT every year and maintain them everyday, and the smaller and smaller party that changes back or is working against it, sociobots exists.

Chain of Sociobots
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