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Sociobots Conclusion

R- Ruling S-Spreading CR- Conceding/Resorting

Usually R- creates ->S- create-> CR stay CR
But S and sometimes CR can also create an S. And CR can sometimes create CR
Nothing creates R except for horrible life experiences and very little or the lack of hope though all other sociobots are reason, though secondary, like in the case of the creating of any sociobot.

We need to stop this now. Being yourself is the starting line of life, the net or whatever of society is stupid. Get help, contact a councillor even if online, read books, or do it your way, work on yourself, scream, shout, let it all out, get better. DO what you need to, slowly you would know what that means

(N don't do what books, movies tv shows tell you helped their character or will help you)

To sociobots- I know you resist change, and a part of you doesn't want to be/thinks it's "difficult" to be yourself. But guess what? THAT is Ruling sociobot opinion pushed into you, it's fake, it's not even you( in most cases). So just change (back) to you.

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Sociobots Conclusion/ Sociobot Patterns

Sociobot- oh this is this, that is that. So, if thats is this, then this is this is this, and if this is that-- o.O (info from BEyond)

Non-Sociobot- this is... not my thing, maybe that... and i think this not because of what others told me, i remember, believe, judged, calculate, but because of something I genuinely think/came to and/or feel, yup, See, soooooo freeing :D yay


N they're probably sociobot, too...
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