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Chain Surfing happens when someone is surfing the internet, sees an "interesting" link then opens it in a new tab or new window (who the heck still opens in a new window?). The person briefly checks the new tab/window then stumbles upon a new link and then opens it in a new tab/window. The person will keep repeating the process until he realizes that he is now looking up nazism and he has wasted more than 30 minutes reading random stuff not really related to the original website. This usually happens on wikipedia, youtube, cracked, etc.


A- "Hey, look up info on the digestive system while I go use the bathroom."

B- "Okay."

(after 20 minutes)

A- What did you get?

B- I ended up watching Kermit the frog. Didn't get shit done.

A- You were chain surfing again!?! Paper's due tomorrow!

B- Blame wikipedia.
by zycose January 16, 2011
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to balance on a slacked chain that runs between two poles, typically found in urban environments that were designed to have an old-fashioned look. In order to maintain balance, you keep your arms raised and the chain moves sideways, making it look as if you were on a real surf board.
-That kid over there dropped his phone when he was chain surfing
by benjaminf12 December 15, 2013
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