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Chad is a man whose life up to this point has made him relaxed and indifferent.

The bottom line is this: beta males often envy hot girls and Chads in the same way. They see this life through a bubble - the fratboy and the sorority girl, the thots and the athletes, the parties, the fun, etc. They don't realize that the Chads are basically just hot girls - they popped out the right way in societies eyes and they enjoy the easy life - they don't have to do anything but show up. Just like a hot girl - she's always got an abundance of options, invites to parties, people to help her out, etc. Chads are the same.
Don't build unconsciousness and Chaddish relaxed laziness. Don't build effortlessness - build the skill of harnessing effort and drive to accomplish shit.
by Gr33k3 June 05, 2018
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