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The physical movement of putting someone in a corner and using at least 2 people to box them up.
Then you proceed to hump and "rape" them in a hard manner while making them sing "Fefe" the Niki Minaj Part.
Usually this applies to the people who tend to be in locker rooms or in just any regular corner where a victim is capable of being boxed.

The word Chad in the word Chad box is just the name of the mascot who came up with the idea. however, he gets Chadboxed himself.
Victim: Bro, please don't chadbox me I don't wanna lose my V card at this age.
Chadboxer: SING FEFE SING FEFE. AND SING THE NIKI MINAJ PART. (Does this while putting the victim in the corner)
by ChadGangMember69 May 17, 2019
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