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A statement generally conveying strong emotions, mainly frustration/disappointment or excitement/anticipation. Chaboi is best used between mates or in friendship groups.

When used to vocalise one's excitement, Chaboi is similar to Yes Boys!. Chaboi can just as much be used to express frustration, for example, your football team of choice misses the game-deciding penalty, resulting in you jumping out of your seat, Stella in hand, shouting "Chaboi" in anger and frustration.
Mate 1: Let's go grab A couple few pints my boy.
Mate 2: Chaboi!

Mate 1: You coming pub?

Mate 2: Nah, cooking the girlfriend a mushroom surprise.

Mate 1: Ugh Chaboi?! (much like: "Oh common man...")
by jst_Some_German_ukno August 19, 2019
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To express feeling of joy or agreement in a private or public situation.
Girl 1: I just got 100 dollar tip for some old guy!!!!
Girl 2: CHA BOI!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy 1: I just did the cheerleader captain
Guy 2: CHA BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by MDAG February 28, 2008
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Group name for the boest bitches out there we're a poppin squad
Yo the cha bois are on insta
by Chwiuca July 31, 2017
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