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Noun. Ailment named after the still somewhat childlike actor Micheal Cera, causing the victim to be frozen in an ageless span of time in which others believe them to be several years younger than they chronologically are. Victims may show incremental height increase but retain the same face and body shape they had at the time the disease was triggered. There is no cure for this, but some with the disease try to alleviate the symptoms with promiscuous behavior, drug and alcohol addictions and smoking, and a metric ton of makeup. These practices have not been medically proven to make one look older and are not recommended without close observation from peers.
Girl One: "Ohmigod that boy is so cute!"

Girl Two: "Yeah... but he's not a pedophile.... He's like 6 years older than you, dude. Poor guy has Cera Syndrome"

Girl One: "Aww... that's just too bad."
by franzthegreymonkey August 15, 2010
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