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Central Connecitcut State University, also known as Central or CCSU, is a mid-sized state-run university with its main campus located in New Britain CT.

CCSU is a general university with no particular stengths academically but it has received recognition as a Leadership Institution by the Association of American Colleges & Universities. Along with CCSU other institutions to receive this accredidation include Worcester Polytechnic Institute (aka WPI) and Duke University among others.

CCSU has all Division-I sports teams in sports that have a team in the NCAA. In 2002 CCSU's Men's basketball team won the Northeast Conference title and received a bid to play in the Big Dance where they lost to Pittsburg.
Family friend: So where are you applying to college?
High School senior: I'll apply to at least Central Connecticut State University, they're close to home and it doesn't cost as much as other schools.
by Sid Barrett April 07, 2008
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