A town right outside of Detroit where there is no future for anyone. Home to more potheads than anywhere else in Michigan. Also home to more too-tan Hollister barbies than anywhere else in the US, besides California. The neighbors are always fighting about everything, and the police take 30 minutes to respond to calls 3 minutes away. The high school football team sucks, but everyone's too busy lighting up to notice anyway. A
Friend 1: Dang, that girl's WAYY too tan and way too blonde. Oh, and can her clothes get ANY tighter? Not good.
Friend 2: Oh, she's probably from Center Line.

Person 1: why does this entire town smell like burning plants?
Person 2: Dude, we're in Center Line.
by PantherGirl May 20, 2009
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something douche-y cops call drifting your car into the other lane
"Sir, did you know that your vehicle was ghosting the center line?"
by 99 Probs October 23, 2014
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A school consisting mostly of burnouts and pot heads. Most not caring about school, grades, only caring about sex, drugs, alcohol, ect. Very few decent people go there, but the few cool ones there are awesome.
"That kid is so stoned, he must be from Center Line High School."
"That Center Line High School kid is such a loser."
by CoolCenterLineKid May 13, 2009
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