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Those times when you pull out your cell phone to avoid the embarrassment of looking like a moron. Common situations are walking and realizing you're going the wrong way, staring at someone and having them notice, trying to stop an already awkward moment, trying to act like you're having a conversation with someone when you appear to be a loser, and many others.
When I realized I was walking the wrong direction I pulled out my cell phone and acted like I received a text, then turned around and went the right direction. "Oh shit, I went the wrong way, time to abruptly turn around and walk the other way, I better use some Cell Misdirection to look like less of a tool!"

"Wow dude you sure are looking at your phone a lot, must be getting a ton of texts, I bet you're getting laid tonight!" Nah man, just trying to look important with a little bit of Cell Misdirection.
by Skolden December 14, 2012
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