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A very passionate person.

Celikas always dressed up nice.
And they are very kind.

Celikas' face turns very red when in a presents of her their crush.
Which is very cute.
But there is the one reason No guy bothers to ask out Celikas because every other guy likes them. Which can really mess up a Valentines day.
And it is Celikas descision to pick from these guys.Who to take and ask out.
Celikas always mess up there choice though.
Other notes about Celikas:
They are usually white.
But some half asian and white been made.
Celikas have the habit to ask out your best friend.
Celikas also have the habit to hang out with your worst enemies. (Fake Hypebeast)
Me:Hey, Friend looks it's the Blond Celika you like.
Friend 1:Yeah ,Man I think I falling for her.

Me: Oh look she is turning in a Celika.
Friend: Yeah We will miss her.
by The Voice of Reason . April 25, 2013
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