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Short ditzy blonde who can't spell for shit and likes to party and get picked up by random strangers, preferrably by ones who have tattoos and with a 10 year age difference. Get her wasted and you're good to go.
by kcolb09813 January 31, 2009
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A Celestial being. That loves many and is hated by many. This person gives good vibes to get good vibes in return. When this person is insulted by anther when giving good vibes. Celesta will normal careless to be around that hateful person. A Celesta is bright-minded,honorable, curious very Celestial Angel genetic being.

Celesta is a latin girl's or X's name.

When you do encounter A Celesta while they are angry please dont have the balls to get their way.

Most Celestas are usaully short and not all blonde. Drinks like a latin but easy to get along with.

Most Celestas DON'T PARTY they are more mature then their age thats why older men like em for their personality.
Wow! Celesta helped me out on saving my family issues and relationship.

Celesta punched a girl in the throat for talking jealously about her.

I know a few older men that would kill for a Celesta.
by LaUnknown February 09, 2018
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