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Is the most fabulous form of gay on the queen scene. Most scenes are relativley small in most cities with only a few thousands people. Celebrigays are the hottest of hot, the Coolest of Cool, and the most popular. They normally belong to a very exclusive clique. These are sophisticated young urbanites, or the upmost slags. But everyone knows them. The head celebrigay is usually the one with the most money, or the nicest car. He is also know as The Teen Dream or the Queen B-iatch. Basically a local gay celebrity
A Queer Might say; I heart being a celebrigay

A Bitter Queen} might say; I wish i was a Celebrigay

it is like the ultimate hotness to be a celebrigay.
by Liam AKA The Teen Dream July 01, 2006
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Celebrigay sa`lebr3`gei suh-leb-ri-gay noun, pl. (Celebrigays) 1. a homosexual person who has a high degree of recognition by the general ‘gay scene’ population; gay fame 2. the quality of being a homosexual famous person and super fabulous 3. a well known and glamour beyond sophisticated young urbanite 4. what all young gays should aspire to be
Sir Elton John is the ultimate celebrigay!

Stewart from Queer as Folk
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