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A celebricrush (celebrity crush) is a crush or infatuation with a celebrity or star.

It usually begins by watching a movie that seems like it would appeal to you and realising that the supporting/lead actress/actor is your idea of perfection.

You will research them on wikipedia and find their filmography along with various articles, you will read them extensively until you could pass any test on their life.

You will be unable to close the tabs on your browser containing information about them or pictures of them.

You will eventually stumble upon their relationship with another actor/actress and get infuriated and jealous and develop an inferiority complex.

My personal celebricrush is Rachel McAdams due to the fact that she is perfect on and off screen as she is beautiful and has an amazing personality. I am currently in the "comedown" stage of the celebricrush where your obsession has degraded to an interest.

Your crush will end in one of three ways:
1) You will get older and become more mature and realise that it will never happen
2) You'll go to a film festival they're scheduled to attend and ask for an autograph after finding the courage, only to get it signed and watch them walk away without acknowledging you to sign another fan's picture of them in lingerie
3) You kill yourself because you're a worthless faggot who realises that they will never get their celebricrush therefore deciding that there's no point to continue with life
Faggot 1: *Opens chat with friend on MSN* Dude! You have to go watch The Notebook! Rachel McAdams is so perfect!
Faggot 2: It's a chick flick...
Faggot 1: Yeah, but Rachel McAdams is in it and she's the perfect specimen of perfection@!@!
Faggot 2: Wow man... nice celebricrush you cunt...
by iSub March 13, 2011
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