A famous Singer Known For Its Ok And Fuck/forget You
Guy: cee lo green is awesome

Another guy: im going to his concert fuck you!
by DaUberGodMan April 30, 2011
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A singer who knows the lyrics to John Lennon's songs better than John Lennon did.

Also likes to show his belief against having possessions by wearing a fur coat and jewelry from head to toe.
Cee Lo Green: Imaaaagine theeere's no countries, it isn't hard to doooo, nothing to kill or die for, and ALL RELIGION TRUE.... yeeeeea dawg... I modified dat shit.
by Zeebo the Barber March 28, 2012
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Ben: How come you broke up with that girl you were dating?
Jeff: I found out she was banging her boss so I just gave her the Cee Lo Green treatment and told her to fuck off.
by thebigred14 June 21, 2011
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