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A girl with a big heart. That girl who can blow your mind away, with her smile. That girl who goes her own way, and work hard for it. That girl who's diffrent from others. A girl named "Cecillie" usually have brown og honey colored eyes. She's a very wise person, and dont want no one to tell her what to do. She like to be the center of attetion. They're very funny, and like to make peopel laugh. She's good at makeing friends. They are very creative and AMAZING fashion sense. Some girls with the name "Cecillie" have lightgreen eyes. Those who have, usually have long realtionships. They're trustworthy, and loverable. They're very crazy, but its in a good way. They are jealous.
"Remember that girl Cecillie?" - "Who?" - "The crazy sweet girl!" - "Yeah! She's amazing!".

"Watch on! Cecillie is fierce! She can make you blow your mind!"
by The Pseudonym Blackjack April 06, 2012
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