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Ceairah is a beautiful girl that has a heart that can love anyone she meets! But don't cross her or her personal bodyguard will make sure you regret it. She can be shy at first but is so funny and sweet when you get to know her. She's also probably dating a Molly if one of those are around. Never let a Ceairah go. That's the biggest mistake you can ever make.
"Woah, man did you see Ceairah and Molly today in class? My ship is sailing"
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by 2 ways May 08, 2019
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Blonde hair blue-green eyes. Everybody has a secret crush on her, even the girls. She's got this thing to her, one that no one else has, it just makes you fall in love even before you know a single thing about her. Despite her being loved, she most likely doesn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend because she is much too shy to tell anyone she likes them. If you ever get the chance to date a Ceairah, keep her for as long as you can. She is definitely worth it
Look at her, she's such a Ceairah. (Pronounced Se-AIR-uh by the way)
by just_another_bored_person February 08, 2017
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