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Ceaan is a pretty, skinny but can be jealous of others and this causes her to act in ways she shouldn't. Though she has a beautiful figure and her hair is often silky and precious. Guys find it hard to resist her charms though she has a hidden lack of self esteem issue, though she may appear confident she is always jealous of others which is why she cant help but let others down just to bring herself up. She is sporty and smart and can be a loyal friend, though if she has any enemies they'll know. She lures people in with her charms and it is only after they make her jealous that she starts to question her feelings towards her lovers and friends. Though she is an amazing sport player, she has hair as precious as gold and a figure that belongs in the pages of a magazine. She can be a nice loyal friend with just a few un-friendly manners. They make good personal trainers, gym teachers and mums.
Guy A - "That girl is so amazing"
Guy B "She can really play"
Guy A- "Must be a Ceaan"
by wordfinder09 June 24, 2012
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