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the unconsented stimulation of the anus. The "cawndawgger" will most usually use 2 or 3 fingers to shove up the victims rectum although, sometimes, a phallic object will be used. Prior to the common belief, this action is specifically used to cause physical discomfort in the victims asshole. When properly executed, the victim will be immobilized on the floor while the attacker rams his/her asshole. Usually performed when the victim is bending over as the anus is gaping.
Tim: why is Andrew limping today?

Connor: lucas and Brendan held him down and cawn dawged him as hard as they could.
by Scoopdevious January 11, 2017
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A word used to refer to someone you know who illegally obtains weed or alcohol. It's a substitute word for "plug" when talking about where to get weed or alcohol.
Tim - "Yo lucas do we any Hennessy left? We need it for that party on Friday."

Lucas - "nah bro I drank it all, it's all good tho we'll just hit up cawndawg for some more henny."
by Bernie Russell January 10, 2017
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