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You Take some girl out, bring her back to your place,get her really drunk, tell her you want to try a new sex position. Tie her hands up to the back of a chair. by this time she is totally wasted. so you tell her you are gonna stick a banana in her. she will totally agree. then without her knowing Hit her with a big steamy duece in the vagina.( Space Docking) Then give her the old Polish Poodle. in the middle of the night put a Coffee table over top of her then call a couple friends over to take a shit on it. when the wakes up there will be a huge feces pile over top of her and she will scream and jump up then hit her head on the coffee table and it will break and she will be covered in Poop. she will insist on using your shower. let her use it.. then when she get out wait outside the door and clothseline her to the ground then get on top of her and repeatedly punch her in the chest while screaming CAVWIMMER BITCH, CAVWIMMER BITCH. then when she gets home she will realize she has a big turd in her pussy

Last Week Johnny Totally got me with the Cavwimmer Night Wheni got home my pussy was so full of shit it almost gave me a pink sock
by PMAEUNLN March 11, 2009
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