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An individual not truly of homeless nature but who embraces the free feeling of the vagrant life. The Cave Hobo often looks like a Hobo though does not smell of one. Cave Hobos tend to also be slightly mentally ill. They like Chocolate, Milk, Pizza, and any combination of the above. They also like crayons. They can be found in any city, large or small, and can be identified by their knitted garments that cause them to resemble something like a hibernating bear. The Cave Hobo is very friendly and social and likes to sleep in public, for example park benches, even though they have a home. Cave Hobos also like to sing. More often than not they believe themselves to sound like Jesus and Fergie, not realizes that they sound more of a cat being fed through a blender. God Bless Cave Hobos
Stop being a Cave Hobo and eating crayons in public!
by YukiPoo January 04, 2011
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