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Cats To The Cream
Pronounced: cats-the-cream

Commonly Misspelled as:
Cats The Cream
Cats To Cream

Problem Solver

Give up

1. A term used to describe Physics type students. When you put down a bowl of cream there is something about it that is irresistible to the cats. Similarly Physics types feel the same way when faced with problems. They cannot wait to get at it. Even though they may have no clue on how to start the problem they can't wait to figure it out. Often times this phrase is used to motivate Physics types when faced with a tough problem.

2. Something my IB Physics Teacher says before a test.

3. A motivational statement.
My Physics Teacher told us Cats To The Cream before our Physics Test.

I really had to Cats To The Cream that problem, I didn't even know how to start it.
by AClover December 05, 2019
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