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a wise old healer, with an inner Catragon, a type of Mythical beast. She knows what is best, and is extreamly protective. She has an innner scar, and knows pain, so always be respectful.
The mist parted, and an old woman shimmered into being.
"w...who are you?" I breathed.
"I am Catrinka, healer and Mystic. Remember to give the Eye Of Sarkrog to Odein Thoraan, my child." she said,her voice like willow trees swaying in the breeze, then she was gone.
"WAIT!" I cried. "What do you mean?" What do I ne--AHHH!" I screamed as a sharp pain filled my head. Then the world went black, and I saw no more. . .
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by Neram Nosrevlah May 10, 2018
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