The strongest prayer in the Universe. It is when the priest turns bread and wine in to the Body and Blood of Christ. When you recieve the Eucharist which is Jesus's Mystical Body, into yourself unifying yourself within Him. Jesus is not alone in the Eucharist though... Jesus is accompanied by the Father and the Holy Spirit, and all the rest of Heaven. If you have lost a friend or a loved one and you recieve the Eucharist, you recieve them as well allong with all the Saints and the Martyrs in Heaven. In other words, the Catholic Mass is a miracle that happens nowhere else on Earth, and you witness Christ himself, veiled behind bread and wine.
The Catholic Mass will mean nothing to you unless you know and believe in the Trinity.( The Trinity is one Gon in three divine persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.)
by TheRealTruth10548 November 06, 2019
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You're in the bathroom, you're puking and have diarrhea at the same time, so you don't know whether to sit or kneel.
I was at Catholic Mass all night from that pork lo mein.
by Sikuvitall July 24, 2011
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a form of torture where you have to get up early every Sunday morning, drive by places you would rather be at, then you get to an old run down building masquerading as a church, then you go inside and sit on a bench that, if you're lucky has a rock trying to be easy to sit on. so then you sit there for what feels like 3 years and wonder what being an atheist is like. eventually there's a guy in what looks like a bathrobe decides to go to the back of the building and finally start the damn thing. so the priest (the guy in the bathrobe) walks down the middle of the crowd with little boys holding candles and finally, the thing begins. basically it's singing, talking, singing, more talking, more singing, even more talking, until finally he has the boys carry over some bread and wine and pretending it's Jesus's body and blood. so, the priest "blesses" it and then everybody becomes cannibals. once that's over, there's some more talking about some upcoming event that you don't care about, then you finally get to go home feeling that you just got robbed of your life.
by byebyecatholicschool September 02, 2018
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