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Most of todays Catholics. They typically care more about Truth than traditions. They care more about Charity than Dogma. They often except beliefs such as Universalism, and salvation to animals. They try to live their lives as Jesus did, out of love, not fear. Most of the most Charitable Catholics had some pretty unorthodox positions. Many ignore all the stupid rules regarding contraceptions. Many believe in female clergy and the ability to marry. They admitt that the Catholic Church did some pretty evil things, and dont try to justify them or cover them up. They are willing to admitt any errors. They are typically pretty tolerant of Protestants and non-Christians. They believe in separation of Church and state.
Mother Theresa could be considered a Catholic Left, since she never sought to convert anyone, but make them a better Hindu, Buddhist, or Muslim. However she was one of the most Charitable and kind women.

St. Francis could be seen as a Catholic Left, because he showed kindness to Animals, despite the fact that most orthodox theologians such as Augustine and Aquintas believed that animals had no souls.

Pope John Paul II could also be seen as a Catholic Left, because he apologized for the burning of heretics, the Crusades, and false heresies such as the Gallileo "Heresy". He also enforced dialogues with other world religions.

St. Julian of Norwich could also be seen as a Catholic Left, considering she had a vision of Jesus who explained that there was a higher purpose of hell for redemption, and that in the end, all will be well.(She asked about those who never heard of Jesus). Many scholars believe she was a Universalist.
by Jones1423 May 10, 2010
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