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Attractive, Confident, Dominate Female; Driven by passionate sexual desires; A witch with a golden pussy. A crazy bitch perceived by others as a sexy temptress they long to be with but know they can’t hold onto. Hate to love her and love to hate her. Bossy in nature she is destined to run the show. Amorously adored by her followers deeply feared by her opponents. Control and revenge are languages she is fluent in. Get to know her cause she ain't goin nowhere.
A Catherizzle is one down ass bitch that takes care of business. A Catherizzle is the other woman you fell in love with. Catherizzle is the crazy bitch you had pretty kids with. A Catherizzle is the beautiful over confident woman your man left you for. Once you have loved a Catherizzle it is forever tattooed on your heart.
by CCME August 08, 2009
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