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A beautiful girl with equally beautiful eyes. She is a witty, intelligent and observant person who is ready to help anyone. Cathelene knows how to cheer up anyone and will never betray any close to her. Unaware of the effect she can have, she is also a modest girl who most of he time does not know her own strengths. Even if her body isn't perfect and deemed perfect by society, she is a very loveable person. When she says she loves you, she means it. Cathelene has the best ways to strike back and is skilled in verbal combat. Sometimes Cathelene judges others and does not make others feel welcome. This is only because of her inability to trust others. Overall, Cathelene is an easy to talk to and fun loving girl with morale.
Variations include: Kathleen, Cathleen, Catherine, Katherine, Cathy, Kathy, Catherina
"Hey, do you know Cathelene?"
"Yeah I do. Don't you think she's the most amazing? She's hard not to love."
by MisterMikeIsInTown December 30, 2014
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