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in Spain means a person from the inner countrie, from the small towns and villages. All the "catetos" have a hugue lack of culture, are religeous and work in the agriculture fields and if you dont want to be punched by one you should always speak in a good way of his town, always telling that you like it so much and is quite beutifoul.
For them the best woman to get married is that one who doesn´t have a job, is good at the kitchen and wants to stay at home with the kids all the day.
Similar to EEUU´s rednecks but without fire-arms (thanks god!).
A "gañan" is the grandpa of a "catetos" familie.
All "catetos" wear thight wool pants enstead the temperatura or weather, wearing them also in winter as in summer. The beret is other classic item for them.

The cateto is also well know as:
- Paleto
- Pueblerino
Medium, High class Spanish woman traveling in his boyfriend´s Mercedes Benz tell him while they´re crossing a old town in a weekend love- escape "Borja, slow down! and be carefull with the "cateto" (catetos/plural) of this town couse they are all walking in the road and It seem that they´ve noticed that we are cosmopolita people from the capital"
by Sr Horroroso October 12, 2008
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