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A phrase that two cringey youtubers (Bryce Hall, Mikey Barone) use against Brennen Taylor and Colby Brock in their cringey ass song. I guess it means that they're winning their drama and they are "better" or "have more fans"
#brolby #brolbyisbetterthanbrikey
"brikey 'bout to catch a bag, catch a bag, brolby sounds like something on your ass"

Brennen- I'm going to catch a bag on this drama!
Colby- Never say that again.
by brolby4lyfe October 17, 2017
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A term used by (Bryce hall and Mikey Barone) in a disstrack for Brennen Taylor and Colby Brock.
catch a bag

Brikey, Brikey 'bout to catcha bag c
by @kaye_taylors_bae May 04, 2018
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Two dickheads used this phrase in a diss track against Brolby. Brikey will never be better than brolby. Brikey consists of 2 cringey ass you tubers who claim they’re “the shit” but no, they are “shit”
Brikey bout to catch a bag. Brolby sound like something on your ass.
by Ilikebigbuttsandicannotlie69 October 21, 2017
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"Catch a bag."
Do you know what it means?
Basically a whole lot of drama.
The only two people who seem to understand the true meaning of this incredibly ratchet phrase are these two cringey dudes on Youtube. This was their title and commonly used phrase in the disstrack they released on Brennen Taylor and Colby Brock BROLBY. With the objective of causing commotion to gain attention, then recieving followers. If you are familiar with this situation or even the disstrack itself, you know that none of the insults in that video towards Brolby are true. Besides, even if any of them were it doesn't change the fact that one of these not-washed in YouTubers actually got famous by grinding on the floor, broadcasting on YouNow. Multiple times. Side note: His irrelevant ass tried roasting the one and only Brennen Taylor by commenting that his Musically's are cringey. We know. Brennen knows. In fact he has mentioned that many times himself.

Personally I assume to them this word is related to the phrase, "Catch these hands." Maybe "Catch a problem"??

All in all this phrase will never be cool.
"Brolby 'bout to catch a bag, catch a bag."
by RossLynn55 September 30, 2017
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