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Egotistical Cyber troll who is totally stuck on himself, He loves to spend hours looking into the mirror and taking pictures that lack any sign of a smile =p
Why are you so stuck on yourself lately? Must be a case of the Catapharact's
by blah im bored April 14, 2007
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A keen eyed internet sharp shooter with a penchant for taking out overconfident being who dare challenge his awesomeness. His appeal to the general crowd falls upon his eagerness to knockout any person who stick their head in his personal space and to break all egos that try to surpass his. His devotion to his most alluring partner makes him a constant target of harrasment from females.
"I don't just want you to give you 100% to the game; I want you to give a Catapharact!"
by Wolfie's Scope July 01, 2006
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