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One person is designated as 'The rain catcher' several others position themselves on the roof of a house, they then begin to urinate from the roof as the rain catcher attmepts to catch all the urine in his mouth.

When they are finished, if it is deemed the rain catcher has not caught enough rain a high pressure hose will fire watery liquid shit over his or her face and into his or her mouth
Guy 1: Hey man are you still ill

Guy 2: Yeah, I cant believe i missed Kirby's party, was it any good

Guy 1: Well after we kicked waters out we all had a game of Catalonian Rain Catcher

Guy 2: Fuck no way, I love that shit, especially when all thje liquidy shit hits my face

Guy 1: Man Si forced us to let im be the rain catcher so it wasn't that great
by Reverend Pope September 11, 2009
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