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A depiction of co-workers and members of management in the form of a poorly drawn comic strip. It is named after a boss that is a real life Cat Comic.

The comic typically exaggerates day to day operations within the company. It is a goofy depiction of dumb managers and employees within the company. It also exaggerates your bosses "emotional stability" and their flaws.

A Cat Comic is typically drawn after your boss or co-worker just had a frustrating event happen to them at work. It is drawn on MS paint in the size of 300x300. Typically black and white unless you are emphasizing hair color, eye color, colors of objects, etc. The figures are stick figure like and look ridiculus.

It's like Dilbert without the smart stuff.
So Ms. Doe looks really mad after that meeting. I think I'll draw a Cat Comic
by T10LawnDart September 25, 2008
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