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1. Someone who is acting like a douchebag and doesn't even know it.

2. Someone who is jealous of someone else hence talks down to them about the object of the jealously.

3. Someone who is a douchebag so often it doesn't surprise people at all when they are being a jerk.
1. Tibby, "That guy is going to pull out in front of me! He doesn't even know he cut me off!!! What a Casual Douchebag.

2. Group, "Wow, GOW3 graphics on the PS3 are insane! look at the HD!"

Breck, "I don't think GOW3 looks that good! I'm not impressed."

Group, "Breck just because you don't have a PS3 doesn't mean you can talk down to the quality of one! Stop being a casual douchebag and be positive for once!
by Drykan April 05, 2010
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