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A massive defecation with a detonation yield equivalent to the Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb detonated at Bikini Atoll in 1954. Like the bomb, a Castle Bravo always results in a higher than expected detonation, leading to the destruction of all structures within a 10 mile radius and six decades of irreversible contamination from the subsequent fallout.
James: Did I just feel the house vibrate?
Ryan: Yeah, Adrian just set off a Castle Bravo in the bathroom. We've got 15 seconds to reach minimum safe distance.
by In Amber Clad February 12, 2013
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An ass-whuppin' of the highest magnitude possible; always resulting in the total anhilation of the recipient. This is based on the nuclear weapons test that was conducted in the Bikini Islands that resulted in the most powerful nuclear explosion generated by the United States. Although, it should be noted that the Soviet Union generated a much larger explosion during that same era.
TechnoDeath really Castle-Bravo'ed the shit out of SkyPilot in that last Quake3 session! I think he might be cheating!
by NoThumbsDownPleaseThankYou March 24, 2007
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