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Due to a change in circumstances, Casterton School is now currently on path to take over the world - in the words of Beyonce 'who runs the world...girls (girls). 5 new schools are currently being planned to be built, beginning 2014, across the United Kingdom. A further runway is being built at the Casterton School airport in order to accomodate the numerous outward journeys to their international schools, running the language departments in Madrid, Berlin and Paris as a result of finding a sack of diamonds in a time capsule in the Sixth Form Common Room ceiling, there is no longer any need for our shares in Gringotts.

After long deliberation with MGM studios they are currently filming the pilot season of MIC (Made In Casterton), guest starring former pupil Keith Lemon and the Spice Girls.
Upon entering Casterton School, new pupils are trained in first aid, given an engraved segway and assigned their own personal body guard resembling Ryan Gosling.
The Casterton School song, as of 12/06/13 will become the National Anthem. One heart, one way.
Casterton School changes their current situation
by John95 June 12, 2013
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