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Casserine is a beautiful name. German. Means super smart beautiful girl/woman. She knows her way around anything. Will be a leader if she is not already. Shy and takes everything in. Just don't cross her. She is the best friend anyone could ask for. Very loyal and honest. Men hope one day they could have a wife just like Casserine. She loves people and they love her just as much. She is the one everyone wants to be with. Casserine can say regardless how things can be challenging in her life, there will always be someone out there to give her a hug of Love!!!! She has many admirers around at all times. She is a winner!!!! You can consider yourself extremly fortunate if you know Casserine. She is Loved by many.
I wish my girlfriend/wife/bestfriend had the qualities Casserine has. She is a wonderful person!!!!
by Love's sister February 03, 2010
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