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A hilarious mid 90's animated variety show that features characters Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak, from the 60's cartoon "Space Ghost" digitally placed into backgrounds part of "Cartoon Planet", the name of the show and where the show is hosted. Though Space Ghost and Zorak now focus more on comedy and conversation, Space Ghost claims that Brak went through brain damage shortly before coming on Cartoon Planet, hence his speech impediment and short term memory loss.

Not to be confused with Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Cartoon Planet is a completely separate show and actually began airing after Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Main segments of the show included sing-a-longs, reading letters from viewers, story time, and others.

Brak: *singing* I'm going down highway 40 in my big ol' pickup truck!


Brak: I forget how to be mean, that radiation half-lobotomized me.

Space Ghost: Say, I've got an idea. Let Zorak teach you how to be mean.

Zorak: Oh, man! Do I hafta?

Space Ghost: Yes, you hafta.

Zorak: Okay Brak. Repeat after me. Space Ghost! I will destroy you!

Brak: Space Ghost! I will destroy you... if you don't mind.


Cartoon Planet Fan: If SGC2C and The Brak Show are on DVD, why isn't Cartoon Planet?! *rage*
by AnotherConfusedFoxGuy February 26, 2011
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A shitty show that I thought would be comparable to "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" in terms of hilarity, but was sadly mistaken.
I thought Cartoon Planet would be funny when I decided to watch it, but I was disappointed.
by Pothedd April 26, 2011
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