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Carter F. Grady is an American rapper, actor, hustler, and pimp. He made his first appearance in the American public with his 2009 hit single "Scissor Dance."

His dance, the "scissor dance" is a dance also known as "scissor walking" or "scissor walk-dancing".
Carter has an upcoming mixtape coming in Spring of 2010 entitled "Carter Effed", which comprises of a mix of gangster rap and a mix of R&B beats, comparable to those of Kanye West.

Carter Grady has the potential to become one of today's greatest celebrities and is seen in many tabloids already at the young age of 18. Look for Carter to make a lot of headlines in the first quarter of 2010.
Who sings "Scissor Dance"?
Carter Grady, man. He's the craziest dude alive.
by tullyducks09 October 26, 2009
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