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The result of an intense night of binge drinking. One wakes with a sustained level of intoxication and proceeds to continue the drinking of alcoholic beverages. The intoxication is never lost, and hence, carries over. This is the opposite of a hang over.
"Forget having a hang over, I'm a trooper. It's time to CARRY OVER, give me a beer."
by daniel surratt December 22, 2006
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A Carryover is what one may experience instead of a hangover. Instead of waking up feeling like your balls are frosted, you wake up in the same state you went to bed: Absolutely liquored.
Steve: Bro, you look awful. Long night?
Joe: I had a great night. Just wild Carryover
by Drunken Steve August 20, 2011
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Basically, it is the effect of ya'll gettin drunk right quick the next day after getting crunk the night before.
After drinking all that Tanq on Friday, the carry-over had me buzzin after my first Belvi with no ice. With some conversation and Hennessey, my drunk ass had that tipdrill back at my place in a minute.
by Ineeda Tipdrill February 26, 2006
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