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A milk beverage made by Liv Hatley. Made by mixing fresh carrot in a glass of milk. Used to give energy to people before going running. Can also be made with many other vegetables. Was first made on December 22, 2011. This is delicious to drink before exercise or after them as well. If you want a drink that is smooth as silk try Liv Hatley's famous Carrot Milk.
Liv: Hey sweetie, do you feel like going running? I already stretched and did my warm ups. And I got a treat for you when you're done.

Ben: What is it? Its not carrot cake again?

Liv: No, even better! Its Carrot Milk! You just take a glass of milk and mix fresh carrots with it.

Ben: (takes off running) Oh sweet! This is going to be good.

Liv: It sure will! One of the best energy shakes you ever drank. And I know what I'm talking about. I've been coaching you for years. You are going to love this!

Ben: (jogs back to her) Whew! That was a workout-and-a-half. I need something creamy.

Liv: Here, drink this Carrot Milk. That's delicious! I'll try it out on the grandkids, too. They might love it.

Ben: (starts doing Hatley Squats) Wow! This stuff is silky. Carrot Milk rules!
by Dusty's Baby Powder December 23, 2011
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